Terms and Conditions

With the purchase of an image, you receive rights to publish this image in its original form, i.e. without serious corrections on any medium, including with the intention of resale, but not more than 100,000 individual applications. It is strictly forbidden to rearrange authorship. All names and pictorial representations and their parts are subject to copyright law.


Returns and refunds:

Within 84( 80 + 4) days, you can request a return and refund in writing to the email: igor.s@the-arts-behind.com. In doing so, this is done against obligatory irrevocable deletion of the files to be reimbursed on their media. This means that you are no longer entitled to use the reimbursed file, i.e. publish it neither for sale nor for your own use, even in the form of a single printout or, for example, as a desktop background.


You do not have to give a reason for the return, the refund will take place in full within 7 calendar days. --- Write to the email address: igor.s@the-arts-behind.com your request, return or exchange and I will arrange the desired refund to the same bank account that was used for payment. All Fees on 3.rd Party and/ equal Payment systems such as PayPal or similar may be substracted from Refund Amount. No other fees are forseen to substract from Refund.


Quality: Neither the operator nor the manufacturer nor anyone in connection with the website can Www.The-Arts-Behind.Com be liable for the fulfilment of possible quality requirements by www-the-arts-behind.Com products. The digital files offered correspond to the illustration, differing only in the absence of the copy protection stamp and higher resolution.


By purchasing, you further agree that neither the manufacturer nor the operator nor anyone in connection with Www.The-Arts-Behind.Com can be held liable for wasted printing materials or other costs associated with the handling of www-the-arts-Behind.Com products, e.g. delivery costs in the event of dissatisfaction with the printed result or in the event of damage to the printed medium.


An economic or possession-relevant effect in the event of a return is excluded.